My Jeffree Star Collection to date

Before I get into this blog post, I know a lot of people have strong opinions on Jeffree Star as a person, however I tend to not get involved with this, and I just like the products as I genuinely think they’re of really good quality.

My Jeffree Star collection actually started way back in August of 2016, my first ever lipstick was celebrity skin. I purchased this lipstick from the Morphe website, however, I strangely never reached for it until October/November. I honestly have no clue why I took so long to try it, but my god, when I did finally decide to try it, I was hooked. I wasn’t really expecting much of it to be honest, I was expecting it just to be like any other liquid matte lipstick, drying and difficult to apply. However, I was so wrong. Jeffree’s velour liquid lipsticks have an excellent formula which is not too drying, but still has the excellent staying power as other liquid lipsticks have, in fact the staying power is better. In my opinion the formula is the best I have tried! The unique doe foot  applicator also makes it super easy to apply and easy to get sharp, precise lines. After I had tried celebrity skin, I just had to buy more shades, and that is how my collection began.

My Jeffree Star Cosmetics collection as of date

I have had several different shades which I have purchased but have sold due to the colour not quite suiting me, doll parts, rose matter and pumpkin pie to name a few. Jeffree has such a wide range of colours, including daring colours which I sadly don’t own. Anyways, here is my current collection of his liquid lipsticks.

  • Mannequin – cool toned nude
  • Celebrity skin – soft brown nude with a peachy undertone
  • Posh spice – greige taupe nude
  • Gemini – terracotta warm toned nude
  • Leo – true honey brown
  • Androgyny – sultry, plum, mauve
  • Sagittarius –hybrid of nude and mauve
  • Deceased – mauve greige
  • Scorpio – grey purple 
  • Designer blood – dark rusty red
From top to bottom; Mannequin, Celebrity Skin, Posh Spice, Gemini, Leo, Androgyny, Sagittarius, Deceased, Scorpio, Designer Blood
With flash, from top to bottom; Mannequin, Celebrity Skin, Posh Spice, Gemini, Leo, Androgyny, Sagittarius, Deceased, Scorpio, Designer Blood
Without flash in natural daylight, from top to bottom; Mannequin, Celebrity Skin, Posh Spice, Gemini, Leo, Androgyny, Sagittarius, Deceased, Scorpio, Designer Blood

I also own 4 of Jeffree Star’s skin frost highlighters. These are excellently formulated and are so buttery and pigmented. Again, like his liquid lipsticks, he has a few daring colours including a hot pink shade called ‘Regina George’ (mean girls fan moment ahh), a sky blue shade called ‘Deep Freeze’, a black shade called ‘Onyx Ice’ and a mint green shade called ‘Mint Condition’.

Pictured above are the slightly daring shades of the skin frosts I mentioned above.

While these shades are stunning, they are not particularly every day shades, and I don’t feel I’d get much use out of them, especially ‘Oynx Ice’. I feel this would be the perfect shade for Halloween, which is when this shade was released, however I don’t think I could justify buying this shade as Halloween would be the only time I would use it.

The shades I have are definitely more wearable and I absolutely love them all. Here are the shades I have Jeffree’s skin frosts in;

  • Ice cold – white gold
  • Princess cut – pale icy silver pink
  • Peach goddess – peachy rose gold
  • Lavender snow – lavender grey
From top to bottom; Princess Cut, Ice Cold, Peach Goddess, Lavender Snow

I absolutely love every single shade, but if I had to pick a favourite it would be between Ice cold and Princess cut. I actually love princess cut so much that I have a backup of it (it’s limited edition).

With Flash, from top to bottom; Princess Cut, Ice Cold, Peach Goddess, Lavender Snow
Without flash in natural daylight, from top to bottom; Princess Cut, Ice Cold, Peach Goddess, Lavender Snow

The pan sizes are absolutely huge! You definitely get loads of product for your money, making it very good value as one skin frost could literally last you years! You get 15 grams of highlighter, which is loads compared to the 10 grams in a Mac skinfinish highlighter. It’s like one and a half mac highlighters for basically the same price (Mac highlighters are £24 and Jeffree Star highlighters are £25.50)

From left to right; Jeffree Star Skin Frost Highlighter in Princess Cut (£25.50), Mac Cosmetics Mineralize Skinfinish Highlighter in Lightscapade (£24)
Huge difference in size!

The pigment of the skin frosts are absolutely unreal, some are more intense than others, but there aren’t any which lack pigment.

From left to right; Lavender Snow, Peach Goddess, Ice Cold, Princess Cut

As for application, I use a Morphe M310 fan brush, which applies the product perfectly. The product goes on smoothly and it is definitely build-able to your desired intensity. The highlighters also blend extremely well and they don’t leave any harsh lines. With these highlighters you’ll be glowing to the gods, they give such a beautiful, long lasting glow.

Next up in my collection is my newest addition; the Beauty Killer eyeshadow pallete.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Beauty Killer eyeshadow palette

I purchased my Beauty Killer eyeshadow palette from beauty bay for £28 in the sale and it arrived today! I absolutely love the packaging, as all of Jeffree’s packaging it is pink. The palette has a gorgeous font and the actual palette is quite slim and sleek, making it perfect for travel! The colours in this palette are absolutely stunning and there’s so many different shades of colours which means a variety of looks are completely possible with this palette. Inside the palette there is also a decent sized mirror which is really handy. The same Jeffree Star logo which is imprinted on the Skin Frosts is also imprinted on the shadows.

The palette includes 10 different shadows in three different finishes, Matte, Frost and Glitter;

  • Star Power – matte, vibrant hot neon pink
  • Princess – frost, pale silver pink
  • Violence – frost, pink toned plum purple
  • Rich Bitch – frost, true yellow gold
  • Courtney – matte, peachy nude 
  • Expensive – glitter, teal blue
  • Confession – frost, rusty burgundy 
  • Vanity – matte, cool toned deep purple brown
  • China White – matte, true white ivory
  • Black Rainbow – glitter, black with sparkly micro-glitters 
With Flash, from top to bottom; Star Power, Princess, Violence, Rich Bitch, Courtney, Expensive, Confession, Vanity, China White, Black Rainbow
Without Flash in natural daylight, from top to bottom; Star Power, Princess, Violence, Rich Bitch, Courtney, Expensive, Confession, Vanity, China White, Black Rainbow

My first impressions of this palette is that the shadows seem to have good pigment and they feel buttery meaning they’ll probably be easy to blend. I had to build up ‘Vanity’ a little more however it’s probably a good thing as with a colour that dark you wouldn’t want it to be extremely pigmented. The colour ‘China White’ doesn’t show up very well on my skin tone as I’m so pale, but this would be a perfect colour for setting your eyeshadow primer, or the perfect base colour. Overall the quality of these shadows seem really good, although I did notice that ‘Expensive’ felt a little bit gritty because of the glitters in it, and for that reason didn’t glide on to arm as easily as the others did. However that’s a very minor fault as I probably won’t be using that colour very often anyways. The shadows are all highly pigmented and I think with this palette you can achieve a lot of different looks. I am looking forward to experimenting with these shadows. I will maybe do a further review on the palette once I test it out, comment below if that’s something you’d be interested in.

In all, I absolutely love Jeffree Star Cosmetics products. They are all of such high quality and they’re all really good value for money too. I also love all of his packaging, the neon pink theme is absolutely gorgeous. My favourites from my collection are the liquid lipsticks in Androgyny, Leo and Deceased, and my favourite skin frosts are definitely between Princess cut and Ice cold, they’re both so beautiful I can’t pick a favourite! I would definitely recommend Jeffree Star Cosmetic products.

What’s your favourite Jeffree Star Cosmetic product? Or what is your most wanted product from Jeffree Star Cosmetics? Let me know in the comments section below.




Latest in beauty box

Hey guys! First of all, I would like to apologise for completely abandoning my blog after my first post last year. This year, I plan to write more frequent blogs.

Now on to the good part, I recently subscribed to ‘latest in beauty’ which is a company where you can basically create your own beauty subscription box. They have three different subscription options; 3 products for £9, 6 products for £15 and 9 products for £18. I opted for the 9 products option called ‘beauty guru’. The way the site works is very simple, you select which plan you would like to subscribe to, then simply scroll through the selection of products and take your pick! The selection is amazing, there are products ranging from makeup, to skin care, to healthcare, to fragrance and even hair care products. The selection is so vast, that I believe there is definitely something for everyone on the website. Unlike some other beauty boxes, the sizes are mostly not sample sizes! When you are selecting the product it actually says what size it is, so if you wanted to avoid sample products then it’s easy to do so. Once you have selected all your beauty products, you will be given the option to ‘view bag and checkout’. All that is left to do now is just sign in, and then pay! Postage is free for all subscriptions, so you don’t have to worry about paying postage! Once you purchase, you will continue being charged on the same date you purchased (if you purchased on the 12th you would be billed on the 12th of every month). At this point, you can log onto your Latest in Beauty account and select your new products for that month!
As for delivery time, it was fairly quick! I placed my order on the 27th of January, and I received it on the 2nd of February! Only 5 working days after, which is quite fast considering most beauty boxes charge you at the beginning of the month and don’t send the box out until about the 10th!
The packaging of the box is absolutely adorable, it’s a gorgeous hot pink box on the inside, with matching tissue paper all sealed with a ‘latest in beauty’ sticker. Upon opening the box, there’s also a cute card saying “you are a fabulous human being”, which follows the same colour scheme as the box. Below is a photo of the packaging, it did look nicer but I opened it with such excitement that I ripped the tissue paper- oops!

Now for the most exciting part; the contents! So upon opening it you are greeted with a HUGE canvas makeup bag, emerged in loads of those paper packaging strand things (have no clue what they are called-lol).

In my box I got; Dead Sea mineral bio-plasma mud mask, John Frieda 7 day volume, Urban Veda reviving hydrating toner, St Tropez self tan classic bronzing mist, Mizon placenta ampoule cream, High Definition bronzer in light/medium, True organic pharmacy lip & eye cream, Eyelure brow amplifier in shade no.10: Dark brown, AD skin synergy and they also threw in a wee free sample of the Beverly Hills formula perfect white charcoal toothpaste. What a handful, wow. Can you believe I got all this for £18? In fact, I actually got my first box for £12.60 including postage as I had a discount code from a blog! It’s such crazy value for money!

I actually added up the RRP of all the items I received (all were full sized) and the total value of my box added up to a whopping £149.17!! I could not believe my eyes when I added up how much the box was actually worth. It is definitely the best value Beauty subscription box out there, and the best thing about it, you get to choose your own products which means your less likely to be disappointed with the products you receive which can often be the case in other beauty boxes like glossybox, birch box etc.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this beauty box for anyone who is thinking of subscribing to a beauty box, or who is just wanting to treat themselves every now and again! In my opinion this box is much better value than the likes of Glossybox. After receiving my first Latest in beauty box, I think I will most likely be cancelling my glossybox subscription next month. I’ve found with my glossybox that there’s only some products I like, the rest of them just sit in a box collecting dust as I won’t use them. It’s a hit or a miss. However, with latest in beauty, you won’t have that problem as you get to choose your own products!

I hope you all enjoyed reading my review and hopefully after reading you will want to subscribe to my blog, I will be doing loads more reviews like this in the future- I promise.

Mac Magic Of The Night Collection-Evening Rendezvous Matte Lipstick

Hey! So for my first blog post I’m going to review the new Mac limited edition lipstick in Evening Rendezvous- from the Magic of the night collection. So before I get started, when I first saw the colour of this lipstick, I just had to get it. It’s such a beautiful plum/purple/pink! It’s pretty similar to my all time favourite Mac lipstick, Mehr. Evening Rendezvous is like a darker, more purple version of Mehr. I absolutely love this colour and it’s really wearable because it’s not a really bright purple, it’s more a subtle plum kinda colour. This lipstick comes in a beautiful limited edition packaging, it’s like a metallic purple and its soo pretty! The lipstick has the usual vanilla smell, like all Mac lipsticks do. I was scared to swatch this lipstick at first because it looked too nice!


The best way I can describe the colour is a deep berry purple, with pink undertones. It’s so pretty, and I find its a more wearable shade than most purple lipsticks.


Here are a few photos of what it looks like on me and a swatch:)



imageOverall, I really recommend Mac Evening Rendezvous Lipstick, it’s such a lovely wearable colour, it comes in beautiful packaging, it’s not a drying matte, goes on so smoothly and it has pretty good holding powder, I’d say around 5/6 hours. If you can get ahold of this lipstick, it’s definitely one to add to your collection.